Toradora and depression

Ephemeral Kraken has written a very interesting analysis of Ami Kawashima’s character. It held me to the very end even though I haven’t watched Toradora.

The Ephemeral Kraken's Lair

I was poking around CrunchyRoll the other day, looking for a new show, when I saw Toradora! I had heard of it through social osmosis, but had absolutely zero idea what it was about.  Half a week later, I’m throwing all my cherished projects to the wind to write an analysis post that doesn’t even involve philosophy!

Lain Araragi?

First off, let’s get this out of the way.  I really liked Toradora.  Probably not top 30, but it’s very good.  Sure, it’s a romance show, but it stands out quite a bit.  The five main characters are each robust and unique as characters.  Their interactions with the world and each other are a joy to watch, and always very interesting.  Even the side characters are great!  Regrettably, you know how the story will turn out within the first few episodes, but that is really not the point of the show.  With all…

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