The Kantai Collection Conspiracy

This was a hilarious conspiracy post. Take a look at it!

Fantasy and Anime

It would be funny if the punchline to this joke was a bunch of Japanese military officials all looking around in panic and screaming, “Oh no, hesu on tsu us!”

Firstly, for those who have no idea of what the Kantai Collection (or KanColle) is, it’s “a online browser game in which one assumes the role of an admiral, assembles a fleet of kanmusu (“ship girl”, girls based on World War II era Japanese ships and submarines) and battles against fleets of alien enemy warships.”
Or at least that’s what the Japanese want you to think!


Having not just games but Kantai models, singers and dancers, music and anime both of and inspired by it (see character names from Arpeggio of Blue Steel) as well as one of the biggest pushes in the fan-fiction (or doujinshi) community since the Touhou Shinto/Air Force conspiracy of the 2000s, Kantai has a secret agenda. Because…

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9 comments on “The Kantai Collection Conspiracy

  1. Lazarinth says:

    I would say that this was my last post in a long time because I started student teaching but who would I be kidding? Being in the Japanese Navy doesn’t give me much time for posting.


  2. David A says:

    Many of these shows feature a lot of ecchi, nudity, fanservice, and yuri, and seem to be well known because of these (GuP, the series proper, has only two onsen scenes, I think. So is very different from the other shows mentioned. Is the OVA’s and some manga that feature the ecchi stuff).

    So, what they have in common, besides the fanservice, is the juxtaposition of cute girls and military hardware. And that would be the key of their popularity. I mean, illustrations of girls with mech suits, etc, were popular even if these were modest.

    Besides romanticizing military life… these would be doing the same for women in the military too. Or are these concepts so far from reality that people wouldn’t make the connection?


    • I just think that it’s good that they’re getting people who might not be as interested in the military to take a look at the service. Though, anime girls on ships are a far cry from reality.

      I hope that you’ve seen GuP. The anime’s a ton of fun when they start fighting in tanks.


      • David A says:

        Maybe. But I was thinking more on the women in the military part.

        Yes, I’ve seen some episodes, is fun.

        I’m watching an older series too, Argento Soma.


      • How is Argento Soma? I remember not being to interested in the show, but I forget why.


      • David A says:

        I’ve saw 7 or so episodes, plus the special episode.

        Is very interesting. Is one of these post nge mecha shows, in that regard, it does a better work than nge on exploring certain topics. Also, it doesn’t has many fanservice or nudity like nge (although the special has some “fanservice”), nor the gratuitous religious syncretic references.


      • I’ll keep that title in mind.


      • David A says:

        The series is also inspired in the Frankenstein novel, noticeable in the some motifs and roles the protagonist and an alien creature show.


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