Medieval Otaku’s Second Quick Takes

Well, here’s another set of quick takes for you.  Once again, they have been inspired by Nami’s Quick Takes on The Budding Philosopher.  I feel like I should post, but don’t have energy to concentrate on writing a proper post.  May you enjoy these quick takes!



My laptop adapter broke.  So, I’ve been relying on my smart phone for the past while, which is the least pleasant way to browse the internet.  At any rate, I’m happy to report that the replacement adapter has arrived.  So, I hope to make up for lost time in reading my fellow bloggers’ articles.



Pennsylvania produces my favorite beers.  I love beers from Weyerbacher, Yards, Victory, Sly Fox, and Troegs.  One unpleasant surprise I had in regard to these beers, however, is that the Troegenator doppelbock–at least, the last time I had it–actually tasted pretty bad.  As my friend said, it tasted like malt liquor, which is sad because the Troegenator launched my interest in the realm of craft beer.  Troegs brewery seems to have made up for it in their Cultivator Helles Bock.  The flavor is quite fresh with a creamy mouthfeel and notes of biscuit and raspberry.  Very good stuff!



While ordering the aforementioned power adaptor, I noticed that the tenth volume of Spice and Wolf is not available from the Amazon warehouse.  This quite surprised me.  The book is only a couple of years old after all!  So, I vowed to follow the series more closely after that and purchased up to volume ten for now.  However, that’s not the craziest thing I’ve found.  One of the sellers on thinks that he can sell this paperback light novel for $999.00!  Estne sanus?  One gets the impression that his picture is by the definition of greed in the dictionary.

Anyway, Spice and Wolf is my favorite light novel series after Crest of the Stars, and I recommend both series to my dear readers.  On, most of the  Spice and Wolf novels are sold more cheaply than the publisher’s price, though I recommend getting volume 10 from the publisher.

No it's not.  Queen blocks check then QXQ checkmate.

No it’s not. Queen blocks check then QXQ checkmate.


I’ve determined that it’s bad thing to play tons of correspondence chess at the same time.  My record for the past 10 games is one win, two draws, and seven losses. >.<  At least, that one win was pretty–sacrificing a bishop to get a direct attack on the king.  Things like that are what make chess worth playing!



The HEMA community on youtube is very amusing.  You should check them out sometime.  The following are some of the best videos I found in the past couple of weeks:

The next video’s a bit graphic, but remember that the targets were never alive.  It has me wanting to order from Medieval Shoppe.  Two very beautiful swords tested.

Review of Two Awesome Blades

Where to buy antique swords?  I found this YouTuber’s answer amusing.

How well does PVC pipe do as bow material?

Some fun sparring.

Women’s felt hats can be made into as many historical hats as you like.



So, I decided to start watching Eureka Seven again, having obtained the second part on DVD.  Of course, the first two episodes I watch feature two of my favorite characters dying.  How’s that for rotten luck?  But, I’m enjoying the episodes past that unfortunate beginning.




I’m finding Strike the Blood a lot of fun now.  What did I stop watching it again?  At any rate, I’m out of steam.  Why is it so hard to write about seven random topics?  I hope that some of these quick takes amused you, and I hope to post an article on some of Ewart Oakeshott’s books tomorrow or the next day.



6 comments on “Medieval Otaku’s Second Quick Takes

  1. Armchair Philosopher says:

    We should play chess some time. It’s been a while since I’ve actually played though.

    Aka circlecitadel if you happen to remember me lol


    • I remember you, circlecitadel! Can we hope that you’ll start blogging again? I miss your insights into poetry and religion.

      And, if you want to have a game with me on (meeting you in person is probably too much of a long shot 🙂 ), my handle is Caleinon on there and my avatar is a sword. Not that anyone else uses a name I invented for a D&D character, but if those two things check out, you’re looking at my profile.


  2. Thanks for sharing, the Sword Sparring video is most interesting (and funny indeed 😀 )


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