The Comeback Kid; Introducing Tomorrow’s Joe

Here’s an awesome post on Ashita no Joe. I hope to write some good posts on the series myself in the future. Has to be one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.

Isn't It Electrifying?

tomorrow's joe1

This is how the legend begins: a man wearing a grey coat, his red hat shading his face. Behind him stands the Tokyo Tower, in front the seemingly infinite slums of the city. Tokyo’s outskirts are a wasteland, its dust and grime staining his clothing. This man is truly alone, an enigma, but as he crosses the bridge into the slums he whistles a familiar tune.

So begins Ashita no Joe, one of the most beloved comics ever drawn. You know the sports manga drill: average boy is introduced to a sport by a friend or role model. Boy encounters rival, takes him on and just barely wins/loses. After strenuous training, boy enters tournament and fights opponent after opponent, each with a story of his own. Repeat strenuous training. Rival appears again, boy fights rival, the results are dramatic. Repeat for as many volumes of manga, or episodes of anime, as…

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