Shut Up Juice

Here’s a good article on one of the problems with modern debate, which one especially sees on Internet sites.


This is a reprint of one of my posts from the Speculative Faith blog a couple of years back. It’s a parable about civilized discourse, something of a lost art these days. Instead, the preferred way to engage someone on the opposite side of an argument is often a personal attack that ramps up its intensity until the target is either silenced or shunned.

If that doesn’t yield enough satisfaction, the internet offers all sorts of creative ways to destroy someone’s reputation, and the people who deal in this flavor of bullying tend to hunt in packs. They cut a bloody swath through the science fiction and fantasy community in the past few years, facilitated by a culture that turned a blind eye to character attacks so long as they employed the proper rhetoric and focused on the correct set of issues. By the time it became clear the community was enabling individuals devoted to systematic, sadistic brutalization of vulnerable people, and somebody identified…

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Legens, scribe sententias tuas.

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