30DAC – Day 23: Favorite Attack Someone has Used in an Anime

This article brings back memories. Kurama is my favorite character in Yu Yu Hakusho, and this article covers one of my favorite moments in the show.

The Anime Madhouse

Seed of the Death Plant – This move is horrifying. Kurama only needs a quick opening to shoot his seed into the opponents body…

Oh grow up!

And…that’s it. He wins. You die. That’s not the worst part. You die…from having a huge flower bush grow inside of you incredibly quickly and then burst out of your body like a bunch of xenomorphs.

Couldn’t find clear screenshots from the show, so here’s the manga version.

The only downside is that it does take a little bit of time to take root and feed from Kurama’s energy in order to bloom once Kurama wills it, so it’s not a quick end, but he’s definitely strong enough to hold his own for a few minutes against any opponent while it grows, so it’s just insanely scary. You could be dead and not even know it. And it’s never been shown if there’s…

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4 comments on “30DAC – Day 23: Favorite Attack Someone has Used in an Anime

  1. Foxfier says:

    I have got to get around to watching this show some time– for some reason, in anime, the incredibly scary pretty boys appeal to me. The characters are usually so interesting. (…not that there are a lot of non-pretty guys in anime)


    • Yu Yu Hakusho is a classic. The best things about Kurama are that he’s surprisingly tough for a bishonen and that he’s rather unassuming despite his intelligence. He’s the Japanese’s favorite character from the series–and mine, for that matter.

      Watch Yu Yu Hakusho through the Dark Tournament Arc. After that amazing arc, it has a few exciting episodes, but the final arc really lacks impact. By a certain point, nothing is at stake, and the characters are just having fun. What a disappointing end to a great series!


      • Foxfier says:

        Might be kind of refreshing to have a series end on a “fun” note instead of a “holy cow, that got dark” one.


      • It would, except that the tension drops way too soon and the urgency behind the heroes’ prior actions seems ridiculous in hindsight. Goodbye episodes should be limited to one episode–not five. 🙂

        My favorite anime which ended on a “holy cow, that got dark” note has to be Berserk. It was the first anime a friend of mine watched. He punched the person who lent him the DVDs afterwards. xD

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