Takayama Ukon to Be Beatified Next Year?

Here’s a cool story. It’s not often that a Japanese Daimyo is up to be beatified by the Catholic Church!

Aliens in This World

The story is in the English language version of Asahi Shimbun, and was praised by Get Religion.

Currently, he’s Venerable Justo (or Justus) Takayama Ukon.

His Christian name was Justo, and Western Christian sources called him “Dom” (Portuguese for lord). Takayama is his family name, and Ukon was his office name that he went by as an adult. Other names are Hikogoro (his baby name, which Japanese back then usually changed upon becoming boys or adults) and Shigetomo (his young man name).

He was a great general, but also waged peace. He loved Japan but died in exile. His life story is full of twists and turns, but he seems to have lived it all with honor and good sense.

The man has his own “Dom Justo Takayama Ukon” TV Tropes page. It’s a good explanation page. Just don’t follow the links if you want to do…

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6 comments on “Takayama Ukon to Be Beatified Next Year?

  1. David A says:

    Thanks for sharing!

    I’ve been reading about Dom Iustus Takayama Ukon since 4 years ago.


  2. David A says:

    Another story I like from Korea and Japan Catholics, is the one of Blessed Caius of Korea, very inspiring!


  3. David A says:

    Ah, I remember that one now, is the one featuring a nun depicted immodestly, and another example of the fascination some authors have with Oda Nobunaga and historical figures represented as young girls.


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