From Princess Kaguya to… Sailor Moon?

I’m a fan of allusions to folktales, mythology, and literature in anime. John Samuel notices an interesting connection between Sailor Moon and Kaguya-hime. Hmm….Now I’m wondering if Kurage-hime (Princess Jellyfish) also played with that folktale? At least, the names almost sound similar, don’t they?

Pirates of the Burley Griffin

Princess Kaguya - Wikipedia Source:

Faery tales are funny things that never quite die in the collective consciousness. The same applies to folk tales and classic mythologies.

They may get reimagined, reworked, rebadged, but the common core remains in the foundations of a culture.

You can see this in Lord of the Rings with acknowledged influences from Nordic, Germanic, and Finnish mythology[1] (among others)[2].

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