St. Eloise?

Aliens in This World

First of all, let’s get this straight.

Eloise is not a form of Alois, Aloysius, or Helwidis. Or Louise or Louis.

First off, Louis and its feminine form, Louise, both derive from the name “Chlodovech.” The Germanic roots are: “hlod-/chlod-/lod-/liud-” (people) + “-vech/-vic/-vig/-wig” (battle). So it’s something like “battle of the people.”

Alois and Aloysius are from  Germanic roots: “ala-” (all) + -“wis/-vis/-ois” (lead, rule). So that name means something like “rules all.”

Helwidis or Helvidis comes from different Germanic roots: “heil” (health, healthy, hale) + -“wid/-vid/-oid” (wide or wood/woods, two different words that can end up sounding similar in names) + the feminine ending “-is.” So yeah, probably “healthy woods” or “wide health.”

“Helvise”, “Helvisa,” “Eloise,” “Eloisa,” “Heloise,” and “Heloisa” are related to these names, however, because they are built from some of the same root word components: “heil-”  + “-ois” + “-e” (feminine ending). So the name means…

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