Natalis Sancti Leonis Magni

I must confess to being remiss today, my dear readers.  November 10th happens to be the feastday of my confirmation patron, St. Leo the Great.  St. Leo is most famous for his denunciation of the Arian heresy, which was sprouting its head during his papacy.  He sent a famous Tome to Council of Chalcedon, which declared that Our Lord Jesus Christ was fully human and fully God with neither nature overriding the other.  When the Patriarch of Constantinople heard this famous Tome read at the Council, he is said to have exclaimed, “Peter has spoken through Leo!”  And the council was a victory for orthodox Christian doctrine.


I really ought to have gone to Mass today.  But, I hope to make amends for my slip in devotion to a good friend and patron by recommending these two articles to you: My Patron’s Feastday and St. Leo the Great’s Sermons.  Through the intercession of St. Leo, may God lead us to a more perfect understanding of theology and repentance.

2 comments on “Natalis Sancti Leonis Magni

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  2. David A says:

    St. Leo the Great, pray for us.


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