Danna ga Wakaranai and Smoking

What a cute couple Hajime and Kaoru from I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying are!   Many of the episodes talk about the amusing occurrences which come about through Hajime’s addiction to anime and immersion in otaku culture, but episode six deals with an ordinary problem: Kaoru quitting her addiction to smoking.  Apparently, Kaoru’s smoking habit is giving her health problems, and her doctor tells her to quit.  The episode does not tell whether Kaoru makes a proper effort toward quitting, but the gags still made it worth while.  The cutest part is when Kaoru asks the doctor how long she would have to stop smoking.  To which, the doctor responds that she would have to quit until her child is born, but then the doctor quickly retracts that statement to say that she is kidding about the pregnancy.  After Kaoru pretends relief, the doctor says, “That’s what you’re hoping I would say.”  Kaoru’s reaction reveals that she had wished the doctor’s statement were true–both because she wants to have a baby and because the doctor really wishes her to quit for good.




I myself am a smoker–a habit which I picked up in college.  But, I smoke pipes and cigars–mostly pipes.  Usually, I smoke a pipe once or twice a day.  Sometimes, I will go a day without smoking–sometimes even two or three.  When I visit a smoking friend, I can smoke two or three bowls over the course of the visit.  (This fact rather impresses a certain friend of mine who has few opportunities to light up his pipe.)  Then again, there have been periods where I have not smoked for months.  It all depends on my mood and the circumstances.

Child is born

The point which I am trying to make is that I have no idea what it’s like to be addicted to tobacco.  Sure,  when I am feeling drowsy or anxious, I sometimes say to myself, “A pipe sounds good about now.”  But, about as often in the same condition, I’ll opt for some tea instead.  This makes me wonder whether my inability to be addicted to the stuff is due to my genes or the fact that cigarette tobacco is heavily adulterated.  Probably the later.

Coming back from the theater

I wish that more people knew how much more pleasurable and less addictive pipe smoking is compared to cigarette smoking.  It’s fun going into a tobacco shop and having the choice of Cavendish, Virginia Burley, Latakia, English, rum flavored, vanilla, flake, Oriental, Perique, and various blends.  In a certain regard, it feels similar to shopping for tea.  Some of my friends have even commented about my whole leaf teas that they remind them of pipe tobacco!  Doesn’t that beat the awful tasting and ground up junk various companies put in cigarettes?

Danna to Oku-san

Just some musings, my dear readers.  I have much more time to spend blogging tomorrow in which I hope to have that article on medieval arms and armor finally up.


13 comments on “Danna ga Wakaranai and Smoking

  1. Josh W says:

    I also picked up an on-and-off smoking habit during my undergraduate days, although I usually prefer those little puritos to my pipe, which I haven’t dusted off in over a year (mainly due to laziness). But for the cultural taboo that has grown up around it, cigars and pipe tobacco do seem to be the exact kind of thing which would otherwise attract the interest of connoisseurs of other enjoyable goodies.


    • It is a shame that so many people look down on tobacco use. With how detrimental cigarette smoking and inhaling the smoke is, it is understandable why people would place a taboo around it. However, the overwhelming response I’ve gotten from other people who see me smoking my pipe has been positive. Some even surprised at how nice the tobacco smells!

      In many ways, cigar smoking is easier, and I smoke cigars with more skill than I do pipes. But, I still think its worth it to master pipe smoking–especially because the tobacco is cheaper!


  2. I don’t like smoking, but anyway, seems like a lot of people many years ago really liked pipe smoking. And even though I don’t plan on smoking, I kinda wanna understand why people like you, Medieval, like smoking, especially pipe smoking. So, Medieval…I wonder why you like pipe smoking? 🙂


    • There are several reasons I like pipe smoking: 1) it relieves stress, 2) calms and focuses the mind, 3) makes an idle hour seem less idle, 4) encourages contemplation, 5) brings one together with other pipe smokers, who are just about universally friendly, 6) is fun to send plumes of smoke into the air, 7) takes skill to do well, 8) might make one live slightly longer than the general populace (though, the caveat “correlation does not equal causation” applies very strongly here. 🙂 ), and 9) one feels more connected to famous pipe smokers of the past, notably Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and Raymond Chandler.

      Those are all the reasons I like pipe smoking; though, I will be the first to admit that it is not for everyone.


  3. Luminas says:

    Well it was never exactly the tobacco itself that was the dangerous substance: It was the additives put into modern-day cigarettes that make them cheaper to produce and easier to smoke. So gently smoking a pipe with friends sounds like a lot of fun. :} ❤

    However, I should note that prolific caffeine consumption anyway is almost as dangerous as alcohol. It just induces constant anxiety rather than lack of judgment, and eventually fries the sympathetic nervous system completely. This results in extreme fatigue. (I know this one from experience…-___-; ).

    I don't think that periodic smoking would cause this as frequently as caffeinated drinks do, but it's still wise to (As Jesus actually did do) do everything in moderation.


    • It sure is nice to smoke a pipe with friends. Of late, I’ve also been having trouble with caffeine. And so, after my pot of black tea in the morning, I stick too green tea and oolong for the rest of the day.

      And yes, everything in moderation. Temperance is probably one virtue I should work on. As they say, vincit qui se vincit.


  4. Electronic cigarettes provide an experience much like a pipe. However, they leave out the identifiable carcinogens.

    Nicotine gum is also an option. Gum is inconspicuous if you’re in a non-smoking environment.

    Nicotine has some health benefits, but modern tobacco is a risk, of course!


    • I have a friend who used to smoke electronic cigarettes. He used to love the looks people gave him for smoking inside, but water vapor never harmed anyone!

      The nice thing about pipe tobacco is that it’s generally unadulterated, since pipe smoking is a realm for connoisseurs who buy only the purest products. There are still dangers of getting mouth cancer or esophageal cancer, but one can’t always avoid risk!


  5. I was a cigarette smoker for 13 years but I managed to quit. That was 7 years ago, when I finally recognized the error of my way: addiction due compulsive smoking.

    My father, a long time cigar smoker, always told me that if you inhale and you do it fast you’re not a smoker but a posher. Wise man.

    Not anytime soon but if I ever smoke again I’ll go for cigars.


  6. jubilare says:

    My father smoked a pipe, and was addicted, but he quit (after open-heart surgery… nothing says “take care of yourself” like having your sternum cracked open then bolted back together -_-) with the help of normal (not nicotine) chewing gum. He also didn’t start smoking until his 20’s. I’ve heard that the earlier you start, the harder it is to quit, and I wonder, too, if pipe-smoking is less addictive than cigarette.

    I like the smell of pipe smoke, while I hate cigarette and cigar smell, but the point is moot, as I am allergic.


    • That must have been a difficult surgery! I’m happy that it worked out. The nice thing about pipe tobacco is that it’s just tobacco and perhaps an added flavor, unlike cigarettes which include a ton of additives. So, that either makes pipe smoking easier to quit or not habit forming altogether.

      As long as the tobacco does not include a heavy dose of Latakia, it can smell very nice. I had one friend tell me that my tobacco smelled like the incense used in Church.


  7. […] surprises.  An employee of Cigars City, an online tobacco retailer, discovered my article, Danna ga Wakaranai and Smoking, and then contacted me to see if I would be willing to do a couple of cigar reviews.  Who am I to […]


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