Despair: The Tragic State of Being

An excellent article on the danger of despair, and how it is belief in God’s goodness which saves one from it.


5 comments on “Despair: The Tragic State of Being

  1. David A says:

    Good article!

    I thought it was about Madoka… and incresing the number of Christian articles about said series (various of them which don’t adress the questionable yuri symbolism/elements).

    I was discussing Maritain with a friend, its seems that he had a sad change after traveling to EUA. The older Maritain doesn’t has the same quality as the one who wrote The three Reformers, Luther, Descaters and Rousseau.


    • Unfortunately, it does seem like certain 20th century philosophers have a tendency to go bad or something. The old Max Scheler is also not as good as the younger one. And I remember one Christian thinker who said that Gnostics were the problem with modernity and wrote many excellent works on that subject. Unfortunately, he ended up by saying that St. Paul was too Gnostic. Oops! 🙂 I forgot his name, but you might be familiar with him. I’ll have to look up that book of Maritain’s.

      That same blogger wrote an article on Madoka which I refrained from reading because I had not seen it. You might like it.


      • David A says:

        I don’t know which author that would be.

        Yes, that book is very good. I found it as a three PDF’s. But I’m not sure if these are compilations of essays instead of one book. Anyways, he explains there how some modern problems have their roots in Luther’s religious subjectivism, Descartes’s philosophical subjectivism, and Rousseau political subjectivism.

        Thanks for the recomendation!


      • And thanks for yours! I shall be sure to try Maritain one day.


      • David A says:

        Stick to pre-personalism Maritain, though.


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