Plans for November and New Article Ideas

This morning, I was reminded of the fact that inventing topics often exceeds the difficulty of writing them.  And so, I forced myself to come up with thirty-one topics—ten for each of my other two blogs and an eleventh sneaked into this one.  The eleven pertaining to this blog I shall post below.  Please feel free to comment on them, especially which strike you as the most interesting.  (If any strike you as dull as a game of croquet, hold your tongue and see what I do with them! 🙂 )

November approaches.  That month where I each year strive and fail to post once per diem in order to participate in National Blog Posting Month.  Expect many reblogs unless my skill in time management and vigor far surpass the last two years!  As of yet, I have never succeeded in reaching my goal of posting every day.  We’ll see if that changes.

In addition, I shall be participating in NaNoWriMo, though not exactly in the way that most people will.  You see, I wrote out the story which I shall be typing up on paper, but ended up losing the first two-thirds of it—Vae! O nigra dies!  Alright, enough mourning its loss: I knew I had to write a better manuscript anyway.  And, Mr. Sean Bishop also wants a screenplay from me by October 30th.  The slave driver! (I jest. I practically begged him to set a deadline so that I would feel motivated to type out that which I have written.)  And so, I doubt that I shall get to my novel until All Saints’ Day, which means that I might as well join the NaNoWriMo festivities and finish the book by the end of November.

The thought that one reason behind my inability to devise articles ideas for this blog—besides fear of boring my dear readers and laziness—derives from my inability to keep up with my fellow bloggers’ articles, who would no doubt provide a wealth of ideas.  (For example, I had wished to write a commentary on this well-written and controversial blog of Aquagaze’s; but, so much time has passed that it would seem too late.)  I once wrote that my articles are usually written to specific persons or groups.  Without this salient feature, my articles tend to be insipid.  And so, if any of my fellow bloggers feel that I have not visited their blogs for a long time or think that I should check out their blog, shoot me a comment.

I imagine she's saying "I'm curious!" in that shot.

I imagine she’s saying “I’m curious!” in that shot.

Here is the list of topics which came to my mind. May some be of interest to you!

1) Which shows I’ll be keeping from this season
2) My history with the Japanese language and my opinion of it
3) My history with foreign languages and what motivates me to learn foreign tongues
4) An article on tea covering how to become a connoisseur like yours truly

Tea Expert Megumi
5) Nozaki-kun’s slavish reliance on the lives of real people for his characters
6) New manga reviews; specifically, Cerberus, Koe no Kitachi, Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio (perhaps my oddest choice in a while), Witch Craft Works (yes, I cannot get enough of those characters), and perhaps others
7) Getting back into Go
8) Politics of Envy and Aldnoah.Zero
9) A brief memoir of an anime fan
10) Guilt over the Kara no Kyoukai trilogy
11) How to connect anime and religion



7 comments on “Plans for November and New Article Ideas

  1. Sorry to hear you lost part of your writing but your attitude is good! Looks like an interesting set of topics and I’m interested in reading them all, especially about languages and religion+anime.



    • Thanks! I figure that there’s only so much that one can mourn a lost manuscript. Most of the events and some of the dialogue still lie in my memory, so that made constructing a new outline rather easy. And, the first part needed much more revision than the last. In particular, one character is very important to my hero, and she does not feature in any scene of the novel! Very silly of me, but first drafts always require polishing.

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  2. TWWK says:

    Really interested in those topics you listed – especially the last two!


  3. David A says:

    I began reading Koe no Katachi in March or April, I think, but I haven’t keep reading it in recent months. I like it a lot.

    I’ve been watching a lot of this season’s shows. Is nice that finally I found many watchable shows after three or more seasons with only I few series I watched. Not all of these are recommendable material, but are something that at least I can watch.

    That KC article is interesting, I haven’t considered that aspect yet.


    • Me, too. Koe no Katachi really delves into the human psyche. Soon, I hope to be able to write an article on what I’ve decided to watch for this season. Quite a lot of good shows and some disappointments.


  4. […] notice that some of these topics are drawn from the article “Plans for November and New Article Ideas,” which I wrote last year.  At that time, I could not get around to each one but hope to […]


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