A Brave New World and Its Consequences

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but Nami has started to blog regularly again! Be sure to check out her blog. Right now, she’s managing to fit one post per week into her busy schedule. I hope that we shall be treated to more like this one.

The Budding Philosopher

I’m writing a post about some pop music that (like much music today) objectifies not only women but human beings, and lauds them as simply sexual objects. That led to this little brainstorm here.

As I have come to see again and again, morality is not a set of arbitrary rules one must follow. It is about the way things are, and the consequences of our actions stemming from these realities. Some things are the way they are: blue is blue, red is red, water is the liquid form of H2O and ice is the solid form. Blue is never going to be red, or red blue, and ice is never going to be a liquid nor water a solid.

Or say you’re trying to lose weight and you allow yourself one sweet thing a day; and if you eat that cookie before dinner, you can’t have the cake for…

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Legens, scribe sententias tuas.

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