New Page: Suggested Spiritual Reading

My dear readers, I decided that it would be worthwhile to include another page on my website.  Titled “Suggested Spiritual Reading,” it lists various books which have enriched people’s souls for a long time–some for over a millennium.  I’m curious whether you think that it’s a good list and what works you would wish to see on it.  Also, I wonder how you think about my division of the books of the Bible depending on their difficulty.  Did I rank some books too high and others too low?

As always, thanks for reading!


2 comments on “New Page: Suggested Spiritual Reading

  1. alexamasan says:

    Yep, I still have to work on reading the works of the church fathers. Nice list.

    One thing I would have done though is put the book of Hebrews in the advanced section as I personally wouldn’t be able to make out many of the references to the old testament system without first reading leviticus.


    • That is a good consideration. The Letter to the Hebrews relies very much on presenting Jesus Christ as both the High Priest of the Church and Lamb of God, reconciling mankind to God according to both roles. I think that a reader could benefit from that understanding of Christ after reading those books which I regard as more straightforward; however, they will indeed miss the certain references to the Old Testament system.

      You see, I’m in much the same dilemma as with The Imitation of Christ. It’s such a difficult work, and at the same time it does hold great value for people with an intermediate understanding of spirituality. The great thing about Scripture is that all its messages cannot be completely understood in this life. So, one should first read Hebrews with an intermediate understanding of Scripture and religion, but read it again later after they have absorbed more learning.


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