Questions of Empathy and Emotional Unavailability in Aldnoah.Zero

This is a great post on two stoic characters. In particular, it states how their stoicism may be simply natural to them rather than the result of some traumatic event. And, as one of the persons who likes Inaho, I enjoyed this discussion of his character.

Perpetual Morning

[HorribleSubs] Aldnoah Zero - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.57_[2014.08.08_15.30.14]

[Warning: Spoilers for Aldnoah.Zero and Zetsuen no Tempest]

I felt a lot of things when my first pet rabbit of three was euthanized. Loss and loneliness were some of the emotions I felt when the vet returned the body, wrapped neatly in a towel. I remember how my lungs contracted with the unease I felt as we buried him in our backyard. Of these feelings, however, anguish is the one I felt the most. Not necessarily at my dear pet rabbit, however, but moreso at how my mother would cry endlessly into the night, for weeks. I see people do this in movies and TV shows so often, people laying out their emotions when it mattered to them most, and for good reason. Witnessing death is painful. Witnessing other people in pain is painful, as well, and I had no choice during that time to feel that pain alongside my…

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