Grading Studio Ghibli

A ranking of Studio Ghibli films by a TWWK, a most avid fan of this anime studio. It reminds me that I have to watch The Wind Rises, especially since I am surprised to find it at the top of the list.

Beneath the Tangles

TotoroWhile news of the demise of Studio Ghibli has been much exaggerated, rumors of the company shutting down, or even ending it’s original animation production, certainly unnerved the many of us who adore the studio’s films.  Though Studio Ghibli perhaps hasn’t in a long time released a film that will one day be considered a “classic,” it continues to pour out films of high quality, most of which can be enjoyed by the entire family, and many of which extol virtuous themes and ideas.

In light of Ghibli’s restructuring, and perhaps the end of the studio in the way we now know it, our writers have graded and ranked the company’s films.  Our grades might surprise you (they certainly did for me, as I discovered that I’m the Ghibli apologist in the group) – please feel free to chime in with your own comments and scores below.  And…

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