What I’ll be Watching for Summer 2014

After watching many first episodes and reading many blog articles, I have decided on eleven shows from the Summer 2014 season to watch.  Medieval Otaku is mainly a blog for opinions and deep analysis on certain threads and themes found in anime, especially religious themes.  But, my dear readers might be curious to know which shows I’ll be enjoying and on which they’ll likely see some commentary.  Here is the list of shows with minimal commentary:


1) Akame ga Kiru

I’ll confess that I’m one of those crazed, die-hard Esdese is mai waifu Akame Ga Kiru fans you’ve heard about.  The story has some hard-hitting action, likable characters, and interesting moral dilemmas and other shades of grey.  It’s fun to see the manga animated.  May the pacing and plot be better executed than Gokukoku no Brynhildr, the other manga about whose anime release I had been enthusiastic.

2) Girls und Panzer OVA

3) Aldnoah.Zero

From the same mind that gave us Majestic Prince, it also feels much like that show.  If it can be as good, I’ll be very happy.

4) Psycho-Pass Restart

Only a true Psycho-Pass junkie would wish to see the first season retold with a few additional details.  That pretty much describes me.


5) Sabagebu

What’s not to like about girls and guns?  This show has some great humor, awesomely detailed weapons, and fun action sequences (even if they are imaginary).

6) Rail Wars

7) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


It was great seeing Yomi again--especially as one of the good guys.

It was great seeing Yomi again–especially as one of the good guys.

9) Tokyo ESP

That this show occurs in the same universe as Ga-Rei Zero came as a complete surprise to me.  The first episode is a little slow, and Tokyo ESP has much to live up to in order to be a worthy successor of Ga-Rei Zero.  Anyone else catch the Ryougi Shiki look-alike?

vlcsnap-2014-07-13-01h31m04s86 Ryougi Shiki

10) Hanayamata

I don’t know how this show wound up on my list.  But, I found episode one endearing.  Let’s see how long it lasts.

11) Zankyou no Terror

Haven’t seen episode one of this, so I can’t claim enthusiasm.  Though from what I’ve read, it could be one of this season’s biggest hits.

Captain Earth may or may not be added to this list depending on the quality of the finale episodes.  To tell you the truth, I am rather shocked by how strong the summer season is.  Hopefully, a few shows will be good enough to be considered classics.  Also, I’m still watching El Cazador de la Bruja (I confess to stalling a little on that show) and am struggling through the Lincoln Island episodes of Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water.  May this summer’s anime be ten times more enjoyable than the spring’s!

14 comments on “What I’ll be Watching for Summer 2014

  1. John Samuel says:

    Re the Nadia Island episodes. DON’T.

    Just DON’T.

    Pretend they never happened and skip past.


    • No! I’m the sort of person who has to see every episode at least once. I even watched through the four episodes of recap in Wolf’s Rain hoping for some new scenes. Of course, that’s not something I shall never do again–like re-watching the island episodes. 🙂

      I will confess that I’ve dozed through most of them thus far and that the scenes I watched as I faded in and out of consciousness were pretty bad. Is it possible to die of boredom while watching anime?


  2. Already made Rail Wars! my main series this season, though Sabagebu was recommended to me, I’ll have to check it out. I look forward to your posts, and didn’t realized you redid your links.

    I should really spruce up my blog…and do that Liebster thing…


    • Rail Wars! is pretty cool thus far. It reminds me of You’re Under Arrest–at least, superficially.

      Sabagebu has some great slapstick comedy, and I love the detail they use in drawing the firearms. At worst, it will provide us with some laughs.

      Every once and a while it is a good idea to change up one’s blog. I start to hate the look of mine if I don’t add some new headers or background every once in a while.

      Good luck with that Liebster Award post! It’s so easy to put off writing that long post–hellishly long in my case; but, it can be fun!


  3. Genki Jason says:

    Aldnoah.Zero has an excellent opening episode that describes the world and factions quickly and the animation is so detailed and lively it gives a sense of vivid detail. It’s apocalyptic from the get-go so I expect it to be very action-packed!

    The same goes for Zankyou no Terror which, for me, has the better set of characters and excellent music from Yoko Kanno.


    • I really have to get around to watching Zankyou no Terror. That one and Aldnoah.Zero should be two of the best this season–along with Akame ga Kiru anyway! (I hope that my enthusiasm is not jinxing that show. xD )

      Part of the reason I’ve put off Zankyou no Terror lies in that I wanted to take a look at the more dubious shows first. For example, Glasslip has to have one of the most boring beginnings I’ve seen of late. Great animation, but the story has no coherent direction. Rokujouma no Shinryaksha stands as another show which seems to lack a point.


  4. David A says:

    I saw the first episode of Zankyou no Terror.

    Rail Wars… has ridiculous fanservicey harem-like moments, and a semi serious story.

    It was very surprising. It seems is going to be a good show.


    • David A says:

      The one I think is going to be a good show is Zankyou no Terror, not Rail Wars, hehe.


      • I figured that. Rail Wars has an 80% chance of being a very average series, but I love police shows, so I’ll stick with it. It doesn’t feel too fanservicey to me at the moment but the girls are undeniably cute.


  5. MIB says:

    No Tokyo Ghoul? 😛

    You’re going to hate me but I’ve dropped two of your picks already – Akame ga Kill and Hanayamata, the latter I couldn’t even finish the first episode! As for the former, while the violence was uncut and intense something about the characters and the set up just didn’t connect for me… :-\

    My faves so far are Barakamon, Bakamatsu Rock, Tokyo Ghoul, Zankyou no Terror and Rail Wars! (despite it’s obvious panderings to the lowest common denominator it’s quite fun). I have to say i enjoyed Glasslip which has turned a supernatural corner in episode 2. I suppose it depends on when you watch it or what mood you are in.

    The jury is out with Aldnoah.Zero for me as it reminds me of Guilty Crown – a show I watched but didn’t enjoy on a weekly basis but really enjoyed when watched as a marathon via the DVD release much later. I’m weird like that…. 😦

    Anyway, we all have our own tastes so enjoy your picks and I’ll enjoy mine! 😉 🙂


    • The beginning of Tokyo Ghoul was far too ghoulish for me. 🙂

      I myself am not sure how I got into Hanayamata or how long that is going to last. But, I couldn’t help liking the first episode, so I am giving it a shot. Akame ga kiru is certainly not for everyone. Most people comment on the disconnect between how bloody and grim Night Raid’s work is and how cheerful the characters appear most of the time; but that seems normal to me. In a grim situation, people try to drown melancholy before melancholy drowns them, you know.

      It sounds like you have some good picks from this season. I myself am going to wait and see whether Barakamon and Bakumatsu Rock garner some good reviews before I watch them. And Rail Wars! might be more entertaining than the majority think it will be. At least, I’m rooting for that!


  6. dmdutcher says:

    Surprised people like rail wars so much. It seemed really bland and boring to me. I think the only show we share is Sagabu, which I like because the main character is such a meanie.


    • Definitely, Sonokawa has a hilarious way of applying “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” And she wonders why all the weirdoes flock to her? 🙂

      From episode one, Rail Wars looks like an ordinary kind of anime, but the first episode was fun and I liked the characters–especially the expert revolver shot. Also, I’m a huge fan of police shows, so it’s no surprise that I like Rail Wars. I’ll keep watching until it turns boring.

      Actually, I’m surprised by how radically different most other bloggers watchlists are. Just shows that I have odd tastes.


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