Quizoxy 2014 Summer Preview

Quizoxy has a great list of recommendations for the spring 2014 season. I need to start working on my own soon.


3 comments on “Quizoxy 2014 Summer Preview

  1. David A says:

    Some series I started:


    Very impressive, amazing animation, and an interesting start for the series.

    Ao Haru Ride:

    Very interesting, and the art is good.


    Regular at first, but the second part of the episode took off.


    I watched only half episode. Promising at first, but the fanservice nonsense began eventually. Wet shirts, etc.

    Puri Para:

    I guess is one of these series aimed at girls. But, the character designs and backgrounds are surprisingly good. The story is a bit silly.

    Sabagebu! :

    Another one which I watched half episode more or less. I was checking reviews of that first ep to see what I missed, but it seems that is fanservice, meh. Not going to continue it.

    Which other series I want to see, or look interesting:

    Bakumatsu Rock



    I think realistic characters, engaging stories and beautiful scenery are guaranteed.

    Minarai diva

    Terror in Tokyo


    • I figured that Jinsei might not be too promising. Thanks for your opinions on these shows. Now I know a little more of what to expect. (Still haven’t gotten around to watching anything from the current season. 🙂 )


      • David A says:

        You’re welcome!

        Yes, is sad how various of the new slice of life anime have turned into ecchi series in recent seasons.


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