My Experience with Anime of Spring 2014 Pt. II

Here I conclude my opinions on the anime I watched from Spring 2014 with my top five shows.  Enjoy!

Black Bullet Enju and Rentaro

5.  Black Bullet – ★★★½

One might characterize this show as having all one would wish for in a shonen anime: plenty of action and brushes with death.  It also had many things one could make fun of: examples may be seen here and here.  The Joker-like villain was a great foe for Rentaro, though I must confess to disliking our hero.  Rentaro’s a little inconsistent.  Shooting someone’s finger off in revenge for cruelty and stabbing someone for threatening to run?  Fine.  Killing a parricidal brother whose actions caused the death of thousands more?  O immane facinus!  In Rentaro’s defense, he might have been more disturbed by Kisara’s conviction that she needs to become evil in order to defeat evil.  She should familiarize herself with Jesus’ sermon on a house divided against itself.  But, I have an article on that scene in the works.

This show has everything an otaku needs: great action sequences, anime lines, likable characters, and a harem with girls fitting any taste.  Worthwhile for any fan of action also.


4.  Soredemo Sekai ga Utsukushii – ★★★★

I almost feel generous in giving Soredemo Sekai ga Utsukushii four stars, but it had two of the strongest characters this season.  (Thanks again to Lee Relph for recommending it to me.)  Of the shows I’ve seen, I can’t find a stronger female character than Nike or a stronger male character than Livius.  Normally, I don’t watch romantic shows, but this one had a good dose of court intrigue to make things more exciting.  Nevertheless, the salient features of the show stand as the love between Nike and Livius and the many tribulations they endure for the sake of their love.  The show also has some great humor.

Whether one likes comedy or romance, one should not pass this show up.

Tonari no Panic

3.  Tonari no Seki-kun – ★★★★

This was the most popular short comedy during both this season and the last one.  Its gags are sure to provoke vehement guffaws, and the show contains some likable characters–especially Yokoi.  The way entire episodes are narrated from one point of view, usually Yokoi’s, also make this work unique.  Yokoi’s voice actress, Kana Hanazawa, does a brilliant job of narration–whether it be her thoughts on Seki’s bizarre games or her own outlandish fantasies.

Though there might not be that much to this show besides the comedy, I highly recommend it.


2.  Knights of Sidonia – ★★★★

Much better than the manga.  This is a particularly dark story where the characters die in great frequency.  One gets the impression that no one is safe, which reminds me of how the makers of the old TV series Combat! would place the characters’ pictures on a dartboard to decide who would kick the bucket in certain episodes.  I thought that Knights of Sidonia had a slow start, which nicely described the atmosphere of Sidonia and humanity’s present existence.  The CG worked perfectly in this high technology setting with backgrounds reminiscent of steam punk anime.  The ending was just about perfect.  Unlike the series mentioned before, this suffered from having somewhat uninteresting characters though the plot and pacing were excellent.  If the characters–especially the main character–were less bland, I could easily see this show as being worthy of a full five stars.

Definitely a great dark, sci-fi, which I would watch again.

Coffin Princess Chaika

1.  Hitsugi no Chaika – ★★★★

I loved that the story was set in the world of Scrapped Princess.  Ichiro Sakaki has his usually deft touch with characters, action, and humor.  This show is much darker than Scrapped Princess, and one can see influences from Strait Jacket, a prior work of Sakaki’s.  (That OVA is not for the faint of heart.)  I must compare this show to Scrapped Princess in that the same kind of trio forms up and soldiers are again seeking to capture a princess; however, it delves more into themes of identity, loyalty, and humanity than justice, trust, and family.

If anything is keeping the show from the higher ratings, it lies in the story not being complete.  Otherwise, it’s a great anime.

Hitsugi no Chaika - 01 -4

Now, I need to figure out what I ought to watch for the summer season–besides Barakamon, Zankyo no Terror, Akame ga Kiru, and Psycho-Pass.


17 comments on “My Experience with Anime of Spring 2014 Pt. II

  1. Genki Jason says:

    Tonari no Seki-kun had genius comedy in every episode I watched!


  2. Cytrus says:

    Our lack of overlap this season was incredible xD. (1 show – Black Bullet)


    • I tend to lean toward action, fantasy, and comedy. That might account for the difference. And there are only so many shows one can watch!

      At the moment, I have a list of sixteen–barring what I read about the shows and how their first episodes go. I hope to whittle it down to ten, since that seemed manageable for the past season. May we have more of an overlap this time around!


      • Cytrus says:

        I had a weird skew towards the sports/games theme last season.

        Akuma no Riddle
        Black Bullet
        Isshuukan Friends
        Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
        No Game No Life
        Ping Pong: The Animation
        Selector Infected WIXOSS
        Soul Eater Not!

        For a total of nine shows.

        I was mostly surprised at the fact you managed to keep up with that Assistant anime over other things xD. What’s on your tentative list this season?


      • Oh, the Assistant anime is a great comedy! And the fact that the episodes were short made it that much easier to follow. The humor was frequently outrageous, but only a few episodes went far beyond my comfort zone.

        Right now, I have a list of shows to try out. Basically, I’m trying out any show which seems even remotely interesting to me:

        Akame ga Kiru
        Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
        Majimoji Rurumo
        Psycho-Pass 2
        Rail Wars
        Rokujouma no Shinryaksha
        Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen
        Zankyou no Terror
        Tokyo ESP
        Sailor Moon Crystal (I’m curious)
        Captain Earth (providing that the finale for this season is good)
        Girls und Panzer OVA

        Basically, all these shows get at least a shot to interest me in watching the second episode. Then, after episode two, my final watch list should be established.


      • Cytrus says:

        Watched the Garupan OVA today – great as always. I’ll definitely watch at least a few episodes of Sailor Moon, too xD.

        I’m in a similar checking-things-out state right now. I hope we can exchange lists once things settle down xD. I’ll just urge you to give Hanayamata a chance. It’s comedy + SoL, but so far it’s the prettiest thing this season xD.


      • Exactly! Too many shows to sample from. I’ll add Hanayamata to my list.

        Glad to hear that the Girls und Panzer OVA is as fun as the series!


  3. Quizoxy says:

    Summer is definitely much more promissing for a start and titles such as Aldnoah zero, TokyoGhoul, gekkan shoujo nozaki kun, glasslip, hamatora and persona4 the golden animation really caught our attention in the teaser phase, really look forward to see all of the summer titles and to filter out the titles in couple of weeks time!


    • Don’t forget Akame ga Kiru! But, people seem either to love or hate the manga, and the anime’s certain to be pretty bloody. I’m also looking forward to the second season of Psycho-pass.

      You’ve reminded me that I still need to watch the first season of Hamatora. So many anime, so little time! The summer season does seem jam-packed with great shows.


      • Quizoxy says:

        We will like to give Akame ga Kill! some time to settle down with its hype while we focus on the other titles we are more comfortable with, and knowing that this season’s Psycho Pass remake will most likely be 11 compilation episodes of first season one, we are going to archive that too. Hamatora’s second season caught us off guard with the sequence from first season so currently it feels rather shaky, will like to see more in-between plot from here onwards.

        Since this Summer is more than what we can bite with great pleasure, we are going down to categorize the titles into different tiers,to better appreciate them with regards to their worthy of screen time over the season. Getting really crowded with titles and time is really pack for this portion of the year with all of us busy with our own projects, Summer is going to be memorable.


      • I was wondering the same thing about Psycho-pass when I heard it was called “Restart.” But, I figure that they must give us new angles in the original story at least. And, perhaps we shall get to see more of the effects Makishima Shogo’s plots had on changing society. I’m curious. 🙂

        And I can’t blame you for wanting the hype around Akame ga Kiru to settle down. Who knows whether the anime will be a worthy retelling? I thought that Gokukoku no Brynhildr would be a home run, but the anime studio botched that up pretty badly.

        This summer season is sure to be enjoyable!


      • Quizoxy says:

        Base on our database, the current Psycho-Pass will be 11 episodes of 1 hour screen time each that will include new scenes that will be changing the flow of plot, thus leading us to the second season of the series that will broadcast in 2014 Fall.

        We have yet to settle down our folks to watch Akame Ga Kill together, gonna persuade the rest to watch it upon reaching the third or forth week of the season. So excited to hear all the praises and critics for our late start!

        *We previously have a habit of watching series on our own and tend to fall apart easily, for example only some of us finished watching Gokukoku no Brynhildr and end up having different impressions. Thus now we prefer to gather our crew to watch episodes together and compare our ideas before we do a review on the blog. It will definitely be fun to do this and at the same time learn from each other.


      • Quizoxy says:

        Let me rephrase the portion regarding to the 11 episodes : It is a compilation of the original 22 episodes into 11 portion of 1 hour episodes that now includes new scenes.


      • Yeah, only a diehard fan of the series would want to watch the entire thing again with some additional scenes. I fall among that class of fans, though. xD


  4. David A says:

    I think this summer season is going to have more interesting shows.


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