New Release “Reflections of the Transforming Power of God” by Stephen B. Lampman

Sounds like a great autobiography of a man’s life of faith.

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Dear reader: The purpose of this work “Reflections On The Transforming Power of God” is to glorify God the Father, God The Son And God The Holy Spirit, to encourage believers in their walk, and interest others to pursue Him. If you are encouraged by what you read herein or become interested in a deeper understanding of God, please contact us at:
Transforming Power; The Work Of God On Behalf Of Man


Author: Stephen B. Lampman

ISBN: 978-0-9799014-5-4

Category: Religious

Price: $2.99

Author Biography:

It was by the grace of God that Steve was brought to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It was by God’s longsuffering that he has been sustained in that faith. Steve became a Christian on November 17, 1961 when as a young marine on liberty he came upon a street meeting held by Open Air Campaigners for Christ in the city of…

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