Poll – Favorite Male Anime Character of Spring 2014?

Here’s a link to a poll concerning which male hero is the best this season. It’s a very interesting poll. (Vote for Murakami!)

Mahou Tofu


It seems with each season, I watch less and less series with good male characters in it. I mean, when there are series like Akuma no Riddle out there that make males completely (well, more or less) unnecessary, it’s no wonder that I can’t seem to find much excitement in this poll. That’s just my stupid opinion though, and we don’t care about that here! I wanna know what you all think about this season’s batch of gentlemen!

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2 comments on “Poll – Favorite Male Anime Character of Spring 2014?

  1. My favorites are the stubborn heroes of Yowamushi Pedal (a lot of different guys there, all with different strengths of character) and Baby Steps (oh, yeah, I’ve now been studying tennis intensely for a year and I’m still stuck where I was, so I’ll keep thinking and working harder and different!). I also like Kindaichi Kosuke the teenage sleuth.

    I notice that all these guys are the heroes of long-running manga series…..


    • I still have to watch Kindaichi Case Files. I tend to avoid sports anime (with the exception of Hajime no Ippo or those involving strategy games like Shion no Ou or Hikaru no Go), so I’m not familiar with those shows.

      It’s true that all the heroes listed feature in long running manga. I suppose the person who created the poll thought that these characters would be the most popular. After all, the three series you named are absent from it–probably for no other reason.


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