The Power of Words in xxxHolic

Xxxholic is my favorite of Clamp’s works. This post delineates one of the many themes which this deep show examines.

Beneath the Tangles

“Living beings can be bound by so many different things… …But did you know there is only one chain humans can wield themselves?” – Yuko

Talking is such a natural part of everyday life that it’s easy to forget how much our words can affect everything around us, for better or for worse. In xxxHolic, Yuko refers to words as literally living things. As the only naturally occurring “chain” in life that humans can control. In that episode, a girl was chained down by her own words as she constantly spoke and lived out negative, self-fulfilling prophecies. She would talk about failing and it would happen, no matter how likely  she was to succeed before she spoke.


I know, in my own life, I can often get trapped in this same situation. I talk….a lot…. and I tend to be a pessimistic person. If I’m not careful, I can create my own…

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4 comments on “The Power of Words in xxxHolic

  1. David A says:


    The other thing that has great power over human beings is images.


    • Indeed, that’s one of the reasons I love anime so much, which combines words with great freedom in producing beautiful images. The only problem is that so many studios and artists are shackled by only producing the kinds of stories which they deem will be successful. If only more of them would be willing to let their imaginations run free!


      • David A says:

        Certainly, some types of otaku pandering have been pernicious, a good example are the fetish-filled series of recent seasons.

        Connecting with was I wrote in the other post comments, if some images are nocive, I think that this medium could be used to counter these things too.


      • Very true. Basically, it is up to the viewer to be careful about what stories he watches. And, in another way, up to writers and animators to fire their viewers imagination in the right way.


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