Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Thales of Miletus Fall Into a Well

Michelle points out the importance of studying philosphy with great cogency in this article. It is particularly shocking to read about any educated individual, in this case Neil DeGrasse Tyson, claim that philosophy is unnecessary.

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A few days back Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the most beloved science educator of our time, said some unfortunate things about philosophy. My first inclination was to try to see his point, since I’m a big fan, and also I’m not at all opposed to critiquing philosophy – especially academic philosophy. But, he wasn’t just critiquing the discipline as an institution, he was actively discouraging people doing philosophical activity. He’s not the first thinker to do this, but let’s be honest – Wittgenstein did it better.

Here’s what Tyson has to say on the matter, as analyzed by Damon Linker at The Week:

But now it’s been definitively demonstrated by a recent interview in which Tyson sweepingly dismisses the entire history of philosophy. Actually, he doesn’t just dismiss it. He goes much further — to argue that undergraduates should actively avoid studying philosophy at all. Because, apparently, asking too many…

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