Guest Post – Contra Divitias: Kill la Kill’s Opprobrium of Wealth

Here’s my latest article on Kill la Kill. It was written originally for Beneath the Tangles–well known for its examination of Christian themes in anime. I’m now done writing about Kill la Kill–at least for the foreseeable future, I promise!

Beneath the Tangles

Medieval Otaku is run by a bookworm inflamed with a desire for learning and for God.  The study of foreign cultures, literature, and history eventually led to him discovering anime, which hooked him with the remarkable richness and beauty of its stories and is likely to remain a strong hobby of his for decades to come.

Japes has already written a great article using Kill la Kill which dealt with whether money is the root of all evil. My own article will concentrate instead on how Kill la Kill shows that the mere possession of wealth often produces evil effects in the soul. Read Japes’s article, but ignore his opinion that Kill la Kill is “an amalgam of mediocrity.” Quelle opinion! When one sees all the rich and interesting blog posts driven off of this show, it hardly deserves the name mediocre! Call Kill la Kill frenetic, lewd, vulgar, perverse…

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