Retro anime: Angel Cop is a much-needed 1980s antidote to moetrash

I have to watch this show now. Nothing like old school anime.


When watching post-2000 anime, you may often feel that you’re overdosing on moe.

You may notice that the cast is 95% female, and that all these females have baby faces even if their breasts are huge and gravity-defying.

You may feel that the show exists only to pump more moe into the culture. That is moetrash syndrome, and the best way to fight it is with harshly anti-moe art styles.

Example: Angel Cop

There are a couple of pretty ladies, but they look like they’re at least 20 years old, and they have bodies like Olympic athletes.


The cast includes OLD MEN, and THEY HAVE WRINKLES. These are not your typical two or three laugh lines like you might find in typical modern anime. These guys look like their wrinkles are harsh enough to use as sandpaper. You could strike blue-tip matches on the beard stubble these guys have.




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4 comments on “Retro anime: Angel Cop is a much-needed 1980s antidote to moetrash

  1. I’m still a bit of a diehard fan of Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It’s a 1980s show that I feel has not been replicated even with it’s spiritual successor, Tytania.


    • A friend introduced me to Legend of Galactic Heroes. It’s certainly a classic, but I found that it concentrated too much on politics. I like more action in my anime. Though, I did like Tytania a great deal, which means that I’ll probably give LoGH another shot in the future.


      • Don’t push yourself, LOGH is indeed heavy on the politics, and its that kind of case study of which system is better, a benevolent dictatorship or a corrupt democracy.

        It certainly is a series to watch, and the show does give itself to quite a few amazing battles.


      • What a hard choice! The benevolent dictatorship may have more rule of law, but one is a slave of the dictator. The corrupt democracy has more government corruption and less regard for law, but one is free–at least, before its corruption leads the government to interfere in all facets of life. I suppose my experience living in a corrupt democracy makes me more inclined to what I am accustomed!

        I’ll certainly keep LOGH in mind.


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