Spring 2014 Anime Preview

Caraniel’s Ramblings is the best place to get descriptions of and opinions on all upcoming shows. Is it bad that I’m happy that so few shows are worthwhile? Gotta fix my backlog!

Caraniel's Ramblings

springlrg And once again we enter season preview mode.  The Winter season turned out to be pretty enjoyable, although I was mostly enamoured of the Autumn 2013 carry-overs.  The upcoming Spring season looks to be fairly solid, lots of potential and some great sequels to look forward to.  Should be something for everyone……however I’m not really massively hyped for any of the brand new shows.  Maybe something will surprise me – that’s always fun.

Anyway on to the rather lengthly preview – it’s taken me the better part of a week to do this, my RSI is flaring up again!

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7 comments on “Spring 2014 Anime Preview

  1. David A says:

    This upcoming season seems more interesting.

    It has more shows to chose from, and the interesting series outnumber the ones I will avoid.


    • Which shows are grabbing your attention? I have an idea of which ones you’ll be avoiding.


      • David A says:

        I haven’t watched the PV’s, but based on the artwork, and the information I found about the series, these series look interesting to me:

        Atelier Escha & Logy ~Alchemists of the Dusk Sky~ (I like the artwork)
        Black Bullet
        Mekaku City Actors
        Captain Earth (good mecha design)
        Hitsugi no Chaika
        One Week Friends
        Ping Pong: The Animation (the style looks different from the other series)
        Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin
        Selector Infected WIXOSS
        Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
        Baby Steps


      • David A says:

        Reading more about Hitsugi no Chaika, looks like the recent LN adaptations with sister complex (incest) themes… even if the little girl is not related to the main character.


      • Of course, they just had to add a sister complex to their storyline! But, if they’re not related…Well, I’ll just have to see whether its treated as a gag or with seriousness.

        That’s a nice list of shows you have up there. Many of them cross over with mine. I should probably give Atelier Escha & Logy a shot also.


  2. David A says:

    Selector Infected WIXOSS….

    Another show that is going to be dropped. I was reading a review of the first ep. Guess what… twin incest. Can’t believe it.


    • Wow. Well, anime is famous for going all over the place. I remember that Ouran High School Host club had a similar thing–except that the two twin were acting rather than actually in love with each other.


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