Some Haiku from a Novice

I put up some of my haiku for another blog of mine, but I hope that some of my readers here enjoy them.

Aquila et Infans

Here are some of my haiku.  I hope that a few give you a good laugh.  Those whose humor concerns an in-joke, I introduced  with a short paragraph.  Enjoy!

Broken, grey concrete

Abutting a frozen wood—

Life’s Promise delayed

DCF 1.0

Two rare old treasures

Jutting out plainly on the

Shelf—just the date, please.

August moon, kettle,

Shining green rivulet streams

into ivory cup.

In both Richmond and

Kyoto, cherry blossoms bid

travelers farewell.

Cherry Blossom Viewing

A soaked, wet cigar

hanging from drooling lips–Can

he enjoy smoking?

The events in the following haiku derive from a most ridiculous theft.  One young man stole a lollipop from another young man, and rendered the theft permanent by sucking on it himself.  Some time later, the thief made restitution by giving him a large bag of lollipops.

Lollipop purloined

Merits an abundant return.

Modern Zachaeus.

This haiku derives from a fan of…

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