Ten More Anime to 300 and a Series of Films

Well, I only need ten more anime to make the total number of works I have watched reach 300.  And so, I have decided to start watching one movie per diem beginning on Friday.  The next day, I’ll give a brief review of the film.  And so, I would like to conduct a poll to see which movies would interest my dear readers most.  The top ten movies by 6 PM EST on Valentine’s Day will be reviewed by yours truly.  I hope this also reminds me to wish my sister a happy birthday on the same day!

Have fun with the poll!  You can pick up to ten choices!

Dirty Pair



13 comments on “Ten More Anime to 300 and a Series of Films

  1. I voted. Hope y’all have a fun ten days.


  2. John Samuel says:

    Have you really not seen Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise? Tsk, tsk, you really must correct that.

    For best effect though I recommend watching The Right Stuff first. (Trust me on this).


    • I know! Every review vaunts how great the film is, and I’ve wanted to see it for a while. For some reason, I usually avoid watching movies. So this will be a nice break from TV shows.

      I haven’t seen The Right Stuff either. So, I will watch that and perhaps compare it to the anime.


  3. John Samuel says:

    You’ve also got me wondering how many titles I’ve seen. I’ve posted reviews for somewhere north of 100, but didn’t start blogging until I’d been an anime fan for 15 years….


    • I’m going to guess around 450, which would make an average of thirty titles per year. But, what I did over a course of a few days in college was to make an account on anime-planet.com and go through every letter of the alphabet to check off the shows I’ve seen. Usually, I went through the anime under three or four letters per day.

      They make it fun though. You get awards for rating anime and they tell you how much of your life you’ve spent on anime. Some users have watched over 4,000 anime. They must be anime monks or something! >.<


  4. So I voted for the two Nasuverse movies…since I have this interested dude-interesting work relationship with the Nasuverse…well, the Nasuverse is a freaking interesting, and somewhat awesome, universe, putting the sexual themes (I’m sorry, F/sn Saber and Ms. Tohsaka) aside. Oh, and I enjoyed Fate/Extra. Such a worthwhile RPG…

    Anyway, I don’t think I’ve watched that much anime yet. Not much has grabbed my interest, and the ones that do don’t hold that much of a connection with my heart. Only a small number, probably countable with my fingers, or maybe just one finger, are ones that I really like. Even if Mekakucity Actors isn’t airing yet, it’s already on my favorites list. Freaking nuts.


    • Thanks for voting! As they say, different strokes for different folks. Anime is certainly not for everyone. To put it simply Japanese culture is weird, and even I find that I need to take breaks from it.

      Kara no Kyoukai is a particularly interesting franchise–very dark indeed. I’ve watched the first seven OVAs and am eager to see what the eighth movie has in store.


  5. Genki Jason says:

    The Wings of Honneamise! Classic.


    • I’ve heard lots of good things about that movie! It should be fun, and my review will probably compare it to the movie The Right Stuff, as John Samuel suggested that they go together.


      • Genki Jason says:

        That’s a good pairing. Honneamise is one I recommend to anyone who wants an adult story. It’s spectacularly animated, has many themes and the scope of them is staggering. It was one of the most ambitious and expensive anime of its day and you can see it in every scene.


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