Monologue: I Can’t Accept This Story Proposal Until You Place It In A High School

A hilarious satire of the excessive use of high school settings in anime.

Perpetual Morning

I’ve looked over your script and I’ve gotta say – this is an amazing job you’ve done with the setting, but I think it would be better if you put it in a high school.

Having an original place for your story to unfold is nice and all, but there’s no way in Hell that I’m going to be invested in a show like that. It doesn’t have the same umph. Do you get what I’m saying? Like, uh, it would have that high school feel to it. Yeah, that’s it. I wouldn’t be interested in this anime because it’s not in a high school.

Trust me on this one, I don’t think you can get away with not having a high school in your anime these days unless you’re some renowned buff like Watanabe-san or something. I don’t remember what he does. He’s already lost me because my…

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