How Anime Loves to Tease

I just finished watching Shikabane Hime, my dear readers.  Let me note here that the entire article after this paragraph contains spoilers.  However, since the anime has been around for four years, you should expect articles chock full of spoilers!  But, anyone who decides to watch this show ought to know about the ending so that their annoyance does not reach my level of vexation.


So many anime give their viewers unsatisfactory endings.  It may even be fair to say that 70% of anime end poorly.  Either they contain a cookie cutter happy ending (like Outlaw Star), give the viewers a huge dose of tragedy (like Juu Ou Sei), frustrate the viewer by rendering all of the past struggles meaningless (like in Kurozuka–for Pete’s sake, don’t watch that!), or give us a non-ending (like D. Gray Man).  I might be missing a few kinds of frustrating endings, but Shikabane Hime stands guilty of the last of these four.  This kind of ending tries to sucker the viewer into reading the manga, which might go on until the end of the world.  Shikabane Hime offers one of the worst non-endings ever.  After tracking down the arch villain Shikabane Hime, Makina starts pounding her UFC-style in order to knock some humanity back into her.  Or maybe she really wants to exact revenge upon her after all?


Some villain, eh?  Might give me nightmares.

Some villain, eh? Might give me nightmares.

Anyway, the anime leaves us right there in the midst of the final battle.  How can one end an anime like that???!!!!  A positively fiendish way to end an anime series!  Evangelion ended more completely!   The worst thing is that the DVDs contain an additional OVA episode. So, I initially wasn’t worried.  I said to myself, the ending will be wrapped up in this episode.  Wrong!  It’s a flashback to before Makina became Keisei’s Shikabane Hime.  We see how Isaki and his Shikabane Hime teamed up–and we know that their relationship ended in tragedy!  So, that was hardly a good replacement for a real ending!

Perhaps the worst break up in anime history follows shortly.

Here are the fallen monk, Akasha, and the arch villain, Hokuto. Perhaps the worst break up in anime history follows shortly.

How true it is that we need to suffer for the things we love!   But who would expect that foreign cartoons could cause so much vexation?


Legens, scribe sententias tuas.

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