Buddhist Detachment in Shikabane Hime vs. Christian Charity

Here’s an article I wrote for Beneath the Tangles on Shikabane Hime, Buddhism, and Christianity. I hope that you enjoy the article and read many more on that site.

Beneath the Tangles

Today’s article is a guest post by a friend to both me and the blog, Medieval Otaku.

Those of you who read my blog may be familiar with my article Un Programme d’Articles pour Novembre.  (Why French?  Because most things sound better in French, obviously.)  Therein, I promised to write an article on Corpse Princess and my history with horror films and anime, but a more interesting topic came to mind.  I became curious with the way the show presented Buddhist ideas of detachment, which ultimately led to me contemplating on how detachment differs with Christian charity.

Anime Buddha Corpse Princess

Those familiar with this delightfully action packed and soap opera-ish anime called Corpse Princess, a. k. a. Shikabane Hime, know that the heroes are affiliated with a Buddhist sect.  This sect uses certain undead young women, known as Shikabane Hime, to eliminate undead monsters.  They boast that their…

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