Autumn 2013 Episode Rankings – Week 6

Angryjellyfish does a wonderful job of keeping up with a large number of shows and giving us a weekly report. Always informative and amusing, here are the rankings for week 6.

Angryjellyfish's Blog

Late, because I spent three days visiting friends, and returned to a huge backlog of episodes. And as well as the usual end of week shows, I hadn’t decided what the 19th series that would be joining my rankings from this week on would be either, but somehow I was still able to get up to date with everything this afternoon!

So, in pursuit of another anime to add to my schedule, I checked out the 2nd/3rd eps of BlazBlue, Log Horizon and Ars Nova, and was left just as underwhelmed as I was by their first episodes. Clearly, my early impressions are becoming more reliable… and those same early impressions warned me against even wasting my time watching more of the season’s other sub par offerings. Apart from one show, which (while probably worse than everything else I’m watching) somehow managed to hold my interest second time…

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2 comments on “Autumn 2013 Episode Rankings – Week 6

  1. zeonista says:

    Most of the ones I am watching did not make this list. So obviously this list is invalid and need not be accepted at all! 😀 That being said, Kill la Kill deserves to be the #1 show this season.


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