Maison Ikkoku Episode 4

Here’s a nice post on a classic anime.


4 comments on “Maison Ikkoku Episode 4

  1. animecommentary says:

    Thanks so much for the reblog. ^_^ I’m glad you enjoyed the post; Maison Ikkoku’s a definite classic. I’ve been looking at older anime since I don’t see that many people discuss them.


    • You’re quite welcome! I myself am one of the few people to occasionally take time for the classics. Otherwise, there’s thesubtledoctor on Ray out (who, most unfortunately, has not posted in a while), dmdutcher on Cacao Put Down the Shovel!, John Samuel of Pirates of the Burley Griffin, and rocklobsterjwt of Lobster Quadrille. As I said, few and far between–but I must be forgetting a few. You’d probably enjoy reading them!


  2. zeonista says:

    Thanks for this one. #4 was the episode where it became clear that Kyouko started to become attracted to Godai, and began to deny it for 60 episodes or so.


    • Anime Commentary on the March is a great blog. I love the fact that he frequently quotes Shakespeare and has an eclectic range of anime he writes about. The most surprising thing about the blog is that no one seems to read it!


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