Un Programme d’Articles pour Novembre

My dear readers, having taken a three day break from writing posts, I have decided to scribble one of my favorite posts: the kind which lists several prospective articles.  Looking back at other posts where I have done this indicates that I usually write about 90% of these articles if not more.  I have had the good fortune of landing some work at UPS, which means that my struggle to write daily will increase; but, as my alma mater avers, virtus tentamine gaudet.  (“Virtue rejoices in trial.”)  The order of the articles is about the same order in which I hope to write them, and they shall be divided into anime or religion–though, you know that my favorite thing to do is to combine the two subjects.

Madonna And Child


1.  An editorial or review on The Names of Christ by Luis de Leon

2.  Book of Proverbs: timeless wisdom



1.  How Kill la Kill Demonstrates that wealth and pride breed solitude and unhappiness (might contribute this one to Beneath the Tangles)

2.  Solty Rei and Hard Boiled Anime

3.  A review of The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye

4.  Tower of Druaga and the Jason-like hero

5.  Short Manga reviews of Fuyu no Hanabi, Tripeace, A Bias Girl, and Seishun For-get

6.  World Embryo and my love of Daisuke Moriyama’s work


7.  Corpse Princess and my history with horror films and anime

8.  My fascination with Kouichi Mashima’s female assassins (Noir, Madlax, and El Cazador de la Bruja)

9.  My opinion of Bodacious Space Pirates

10.  Ys: an enjoyable 90’s fantasy anime

11.  A review or editorial of Soukou no Strain

Well, that’s a huge list, but it will provide me with only two weeks of articles if I’m good!  Of course, I reserve the right to include different articles, especially if they are about currently running anime.  Feel free to say which articles interest you most!


11 comments on “Un Programme d’Articles pour Novembre

  1. Actually all of them are good ideas. Although, I am interest in #2 under religion and as for Anime 3,8,9 and 11.

    (Props for being up Soukou no Strain. Thought I might been the only person to remember it, lol)


    • I know what you mean about Soukou no Strain! No one talks about it nowadays, but it was a surprisingly good mecha show which featured a very interesting villain and an examination of the darker side of human nature.


  2. zeonista says:

    The religion topics seem fine. Anime: #4-6. 8 & 9 seem like the most interesting to me. I would amend #1 a bit, since I think unwarranted or unearned wealth and hubris is the fault. People who have earned their wealth and self-esteem through righteous living seem to be conspicuously absent in the ranks of anime villains.


    • The effect of wealth upon people does vary. I’ve actually read the opposite opinion of a British writer: that people born to a rich family are more likely to wear their wealth better than people who have earned it. After all, many persons retain wealth through being miserly. Curiously, wealth offers extremes of both miserdom and prodigality as temptations to its owners. But, a wealthy person who avoids these extremes of selfishness can be among the best of men.

      Even though people who have earned their wealth righteously are not in the ranks of anime villains, it would make for an interesting character to have a member of the nouveau riche become a villain through excessive moral rigorism. Even though he is not rich, the Magwald Xargin of Blassreiter comes to mind. After seeing how vile human beings can be to one another, he vows to exterminate humanity entirely!


  3. John Samuel says:

    Definitely looking forward to your opinions on 2 (which I’ve reviewed), 3 (thought about it), 8 (I’ve only seen Noir in this group), and 9 (which I’ve written about several times). 🙂


  4. dmdutcher says:

    That’s some list. I think out of all of them, I’d like to see #7. Probably #3 and #11 too, but that means even more anime I need to watch.

    The Ys anime I think might appeal to you as a medievalist as well. It’s funny that out of all people, Japan seems taken enough with the legend of that city to keep the myth alive.


    • The Ys anime was enjoyable. The action became rather silly at times, but that’s part of what makes 90’s fantasy anime so much fun. It is also mentioned in the manga Berserk, but–as much fun as the anime is–the violence and gore of the manga render me incapable of reading it.


  5. […] no Strain, aka Str.A.In.: Strategically Armored Infantry (What a horrible English title!), back in November.  This splendid show of just thirteen episodes came out back in 2006; yet, it wraps the viewer so […]


  6. […] write an article on this show back in November, since it featured as one of the article ideas in Un Programme d’Articles pour Novembre.  At any rate, this amusing anime features a high school student who inherits her father’s […]


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