Arakawa Under The Bridge

Well, I have at last run out of steam. If you remember my post about my writing being like a hurricane cocktail, some ingredients are not there today.

But, that gives me to opportunity to reblog this excellent post from MIB’s Instant Headache. Arakawa Under the Bridge is a hilarious series, and MIB provides a great review of the show–as he does with any foreign feature to which he turns his pen. Enjoy!


Arakawa Under The Bridge (Cert 12)

2 Discs (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 300 minutes approx.

Successful businessman Ko Ichinomiya, owes the success in his young life to the stern direction set by his father and a single maxim that has been adhered to by the males of the Ichinomiya family for generations – “never be in debt to anyone”. So strict is this rule that Ko has it embroidered into his tie. One day Ko is jumped by a gang of youths who throw his trousers high up onto the rafters of the bridge over the Arakawa river. Determined to get them back under his own mettle, Ko refuses the help from a young blonde woman named Nino, who was fishing off the bridge, but when he slips and falls into the river she saves him anyway. Now in debt to Nino, Ko is forced to live under the bridge…

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