A Few Thoughts on a Few Anime

At last, I have watched Coppelion and Samurai Flamenco.  Also, my dear readers, my brother is now enjoying Hajime no Ippo Rising with me.  Actually, there is one more show which I have not mentioned yet: Freezing Vibration.  Allow me to give a few brief observations on all of them lest I already fail to keep my goal of writing one post per diem!


1) Coppelion – 3 episodes

As with the manga, I’m really enjoying this show.  The animation is wonderful, and I find the heavy outlines the animators use for the characters to be very intriguing.  It helps that the girls are all very attractive, but that is hardly the greatest draw with this show.  The setting of a city imbued with radioactivity is rarely seen in anime.  The writer has taken the theme of what does it mean to be human, especially in regard to our three heroines, who have been created in a laboratory.  The nature of humanity is an incredibly popular theme with the Japanese, and I hope to compare it with other anime.

Samurai Flamenco - 02 - Large 24

2) Samurai Flamenco – 3 episodes

A great remake of Kick Ass.  But, might I add, both pale in comparison to the original: Don Quixote.  (But, of course, how can anything compare to the greatest novel ever written?)  But, as Genki na Hito observed to me, the characters in Samurai Flamenco are much more likable than those of Kick Ass.  They even add a girl interested in discovering the identity of Samurai Flamenco, which reminds me of Misa Amane of Death Note’s obsession Light.  Anyway, this is a very enjoyable show, and I hope to watch many more episodes.


3) Hajime no Ippo Rising – 4 episodes

What can I say?  If you love boxing, sports anime, or awesome, hard-hitting fights, you need to watch this show.  Rather, you need to watch the original, the second season, and then watch this show.  I thought the second season rather lackluster compared to the first, but the fights in the third installment seem much more realistic, which is what made the original show so nail-bitingly absorbing.  Two thumbs up!


4) Freezing Vibration – 4 episodes

Well, if fanservice bothers you, give this show a wide berth.  I was pleased to note that Funimation censors excess nudity with beams of light.  What always attracted me to this show was the hard-hitting nature of the fights and that the characters, despite the great number of them, were all so idiosyncratic.  The perfect chivalry of the heroes and that the series is so rich in suffering also keep me interested.  (If you think that it’s odd to like a show rich in suffering, read Aristotle’s Poetics right now.)  This season follows the E-Pandora Arc, which, if the animators continue their good work, will likely cause this show to exceed the prior season in greatness.

Well, that’s all I have to report.  Hopefully, I’ll also be watching Kyoukai no Kanata in the near future.  At which point, I shall be watching more than enough anime for now!


6 comments on “A Few Thoughts on a Few Anime

  1. Genki Jason says:

    Samurai Flamenco’s main strength is its characters. I can relate to various aspects of their lives and world views and I actually want to spend time with these guys. It took me four episodes to really get into Coppelion but I’m sticking with it to the end of the season.


    • In the case of Coppelion, the mere fact that it examines the question of what are the qualities of a person or human being is enough to induce me to watch it until the end. I was also excited to see from the song that there are more Coppelia (as a Classicist, I cannot help but think of the -on ending as Greek neuter nominative singular deserving the Greek neuter plural here) coming later in the series.

      Thanks again for encouraging me to watch Samurai Flamenco. The interaction between our hero and his police friend is particularly amusing. It’s a great show overall!


  2. zeonista says:

    1. Coppelion got voted down as a show to watch at my usual group. It was the casualty of necessary cuts in a season with many interesting shows, that got to the meat of their story a lot faster. Good to hear that it is a good story once it picks up speed.

    2. I completely overlooked Samurai Flamenco this season! (Too many shows, etc.) It does sound interesting from the commentary here. I may have to get the episodes and store them for watching during a less packed time. Kick Ass is both hilarious and deadly serious about the idea of normal guys wanting to become Caped Crusaders of Justice (TM), and that can lead to some jarring contrasts in tone, probably as intended. 😉 Samurai Flamenco sounds like it takes a more optimistic tone, or that the heroes are not caught up in hipster-style self-mockery and are sincere in their heroism.

    3. Hajime no Ippo Rising sounds like a classic boxing anime. The manga the boxing anime are taken from are all built around a common set of themes/tropes, to the point where they seem identical to me. However, this sort of story is the epitome of shounen manga & anime, so have at it! Oddly enough, that was how I came to understand shounen manga originally, by comparing the themes & values with those of the Rocky movies.

    4. I have also watched the first 4 episodes of Freezing Vibration. This season may be giving you some ideas for future posts. The theme of the flawed process to boost the strength of the E-Pandoras to N-Pandora strength should inspire you as the story moves along. My own take on the situation is that our intimacy-challenged heroine was the wrong choice; the developers should have picked someone with less power and more steadiness as the model.


    • Oh, you’re missing out by not watching those three shows! Of course, you really have to watch the first Hajime no Ippo before you watch this season, which, though it had its good points, is better than the second thus far.

      That’s an interesting idea that the developers of the E-Pandora project chose the wrong model. Perhaps they chose her because she inherited Kazuha Aoi’s stigmata. She was the heroine of the 8th Nova Class, so they might have allowed that paired with Satellizer’s blossoming powers to influence them too much. But, the writer keeps us so much in the dark as to the nature of Pandoras and the Nova that it is difficult to comment upon this. But, I will be on the look out for article ideas on this show. A spin-off manga proved excellent material here: https://medievalotaku.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/freezing-zero-carrying-gender-reversal-too-far/

      But, here I must confess that I have somehow made it impossible to watch a show I had highly anticipated: Unbreakable Machine Doll. I now have so much on my plate that it seems imprudent for me to watch this one until the winter season, which looks quite dull, arrives!


      • zeonista says:

        I encourage you to watch Unbreakable Machine Doll at a later time. It is turning into an excellent blend of fighting competition and Victorian murder mystery, with the hero’s mission of deferred justice strung through it all. There is also some indication here that power does have its price, which is not cheap.


      • From having read the manga thus far, they only need to stick to the script in order to make a good show. But, I do want to see it animated!


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