Dog and Scissors: An Unexpected Favorite

Feeling rather blue one day and having heard that Dog and Scissors was an amusing, if insane, comedy, I turned to it on Crunchyroll.  For those of you unfamiliar with its premise, a young book lover saves the life of his favorite author during a robbery.  Unfortunately, the young man, Kuzuhito Harumi, is killed and returns to life as a Dachshund.  At which point, the author, having Shinobu Akiyama as her nom de plume and Natsuno Kirihime as her, rather ridiculous though idoneous, real name, locates Kazuhito in a pet shop due to a strong mental connection between the two of them (she heard his thoughts of despair over not being able to read) and takes him into her house. 


This is of great benefit to Kazuhito in that he is now able to read as many books as he desires; but, Natsuno happens to possess sadistic tendencies and torments Kazuhito with a pair of scissors named Hasajiro.  I would feel more pity for Kazuhito if he did not deliberately call down the wrath of Natsuno for poking fun at her wee bosom.  Natsuno herself, for all her eccentricity, happens to be a likable character as well, not a little helped by the talents of the consummate seiyuu, Marina Inoue (Yoko of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan).  All the other characters, from the Kazuhito’s sister who makes curry with a chain saw to Natsuno’s masochistic editor, are all nuts, but this makes for a brilliant screwball comedy.


Even the tragicomic  romantic affections of Natsuno for the boy–now, dog–who saved her life is hilariously funny.  If the writers handled this a little more clumsily, this could turn rather disturbing.  As it is, I’m hoping for some deus ex machina event to transform Kazuhito back into a high schooler so that Natsuno’s affections may be requited.

So, had anyone else been pleasantly surprised by this show?  Or discovered an unlikely favorite this season?

Inu to Hasami wa


6 comments on “Dog and Scissors: An Unexpected Favorite

  1. John Samuel says:

    I might have to give this a try.


  2. Genki Jason says:

    It’s all over the place in terms of comedy but very amusing and easy to watch. It’s down to the voice actors and weird characters. I must admit that I have fallen for Natsuno.


    • lol! Welcome to the club! The protagonist’s was not the only heart beating during episode ten as they focused on Natsuno paging through that novel!

      But, it is an incredibly likable show.


  3. Hmm…might have to give this one a peak!


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