Anime Amino

Just discovered a social networking app centered on anime: Anime Amino.  It’s a great place for sharing short articles, videos, pictures, favorite anime, etc.  It seems that most members refer to it in short hand with the abbreviation AA, which I find terribly amusing.  My handle on that app is the same as here: medievalotaku.  I believe TWWK of Beneath the Tangles is on there as well.


Well, I’ve written one of the four papers I mentioned in my last post.  Now that I have three more to go, there ought to be more time to write serious, in-depth articles.  I hope you enjoy the funny poster below.


By Kark-Jocke of


2 comments on “Anime Amino

  1. TWWK says:

    I am there! I saw that you joined, but I haven’t been on lately. It’s an interesting community, far different (and generally younger) than the aniblogging one.


    • That’s quite true. Well, it is interesting to hear the opinions of the younger fans, and one gets to try steering them in the direction of the classics. I will say that that network is quite addictive–at least for now.


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