Well, here’s to another night with nothing original. At least I get to introduce Pirates of the Burley Griffin those who are unfamiliar with this blog. John Samuel has been an anime fan since the days when anime was relegated to the realm of subcultures, which makes his perspective on modern shows very unique. (I especially love how he knows all the terms for TV tropes.) Here’s some of his thoughts on a show which exemplifies the idea that one cannot judge a show by its title.

Pirates of the Burley Griffin

On Thursday night I was looking for some fresh anime, but wasn’t up to tackling something serious like Shin Sekai Yori [1]. So I picked Girls Und Panzer with the expectation that I would mercilessly mock it on twitter for about half an hour before dropping it.

That isn’t what happened.

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  1. John Samuel says:

    Thanks for the reblog, I think that’s a first for me. 🙂

    I find TV Tropes to be a really useful resource in terms of clarifying my own thinking about a book, manga, or show.

    Also, linking to TV Tropes is evil as anyone foolish enough to follow a link there may not be escaping for a while… 🙂


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