Good Tea

Here’s a short post on four superlative teas.

1.  Harney & Sons Holiday Tea – This is a wonderful offering.  It shows that great tea can come in tea bags!  The spices pair nicely with the orange peel and black tea, and is especially delicious with honey.

2.  Yin Hao Jasmine – This is the highest grade of jasmine tea I could find on the Upton Tea Imports website, and it doesn’t disappoint.  The jasmine flavor and scent make this a very refreshing tea.  The green tea which the jasmine flavored is of high quality, which gives it plenty of complexity.

3.  Steinhal Estate 2nd Flush Darjeeling – Very tasty Darjeeling with muscatel and pomegranate flavors prominent.  This makes for an excellent afternoon tea, and even though I prefer it plain, it takes honey quite well.

4.  Top Pai Mu Tan – This white tea is a favorite of all my friends here.  A white grape is prominent, with a slight straw flavor softened by the sweetness of the aforementioned white grape.  There’s no better tea for the end of the day or when one wishes to relax.

Legens, scribe sententias tuas.

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