My Patron’s Feast Day

Any of my dear readers who have St. Leo the Great as your patron might be interested in this.  His feast day is coming up on November 10th.

Just prior to being confirmed, I learned a version of how Attila was prevented from sacking Rome.  St. Leo was pope at the time.  The day before Attila marched to Rome, he had nightmare in which a priest bearing a sword threatened to kill him unless he did everything St. Leo told him to do.  So, when Attila meet St. Leo, a very meek man, he conceded to the pope’s request not to sack Rome.  I thought that it was St. Leo himself who had appeared in the dream, but it turns out that St. Leo had a strong devotion to St. Peter (as a pope probably should) and that it was probably St. Peter who threatened Attila.  At any rate, this story influenced me to choose St. Leo as my patron.

Otherwise, St. Leo is famed for his beautiful sermons advocated prayer, fasting, and almsgiving–placing emphasis on the last.  People still admire them to this day. He also wrote a beautiful tome defining Christ as having both a human nature and a divine nature with neither nature overriding the other, which he delivered at the Council of Chalcedon in 451.  This prompted the Patriarch of Constantinople to cry out: “Peter has spoken through Leo!”

He has especially helped me when it comes to performing my duties, writing, and studying well.  So, I encourage you also to ask for his help in these areas and others.


One comment on “My Patron’s Feast Day

  1. […] for my slip in devotion to a good friend and patron by recommending these two articles to you: My Patron’s Feastday and St. Leo the Great’s Sermons.  Through the intercession of St. Leo, may God lead us to a […]


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