New Short Story in the Works

Dear readers, a new short story might be available for your literary leisure in the next two or three weeks.  I’m amused by how much of the details seem to be arranging themselves of their own volition.  It seems to be an odd combination of my recent life experiences and a few works which are influencing me most right now.  (No, you’ll never learn of my sources.  A good thief never gets caught!)  Unlike my other two tales, it will take place in Germany during modern times.  I’m presently debating whether to set it during the 30’s or present times.  Those of you who’ve been to Germany will likely be appalled by my disregard for doing any research.  But, I think of this as a warm up story–as if the author were a bear coming out of hibernation.  A bear in this state is so hungry that it will not fuss over what its first meal is.   Likewise, getting the details right is of no concern.  My major concern is to add another amusing tale to the short list you see on the left of this page.

What genre will the tale fall under?  Fantasy, of course!  Wish me luck!


Legens, scribe sententias tuas.

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