Exploring the Brews of the Victory Brewing Company

Before I start extolling the virtues of the Victory Brewing Co., based in Downingtown, PA, let me say that your opinions have been heard, dear readers.  According to the history of the site’s traffic, fine beverages and anime are the two most popular topics.  So, while I will publish articles on my other hobbies, expect to see a slew of articles on these topics.  Without further ado, here’s your next favorite craft brewer.

So far, my palate’s had the pleasure of experiencing six of their brews.  By far, their Baltic Porter, aptly named Baltic Thunder, is my favorite.  Drinking this is like drinking a rich chocolate cake, but the sweetness doesn’t overwhelm one so much that one cannot drink it alone.  The next time I walked into the store, restraining myself from buying a case of this required not a little willpower.  Their Russian Imperial Stout, Storm King Stout, is another of their dark beers for which they are rightly esteemed.  This one is packed with espresso and dark chocolate flavor with a hint of vanilla; but, at the same time, its dryness would make it a nice complement to your first barbeque this year or some nice London broil, filet mignon, or meatloaf.

In the middle of the taste spectrum, their Victory Prima Pils and Victory Lager have a high level of drinkability.  Though, their Prima Pils, true to its style, possesses a very herbal and grassy flavor, which practically demands that it be imbibed with food.  But it is exquisite with anything one might pair with sauvignon blanc–particularly, some lightly seasoned chicken made in the style of French or Italian cuisine.  It would also compliment some Dubliner or aged cheddar.  How shall I describe the Victory Lager’s taste?  Basically, this beer is similar in a way to macro-brewed lagers, but the pale malt flavors come out so much better.  One might say that it is everything one wishes their Miller or Coors would be.  No doubt, their refusal to use rice or corn in their German-style beers suffices to render this brew a beer lover’s delight.  Just malt, hops, and water.  Period!  This beer is perfect for any occasion.

On the hoppy side, their Headwaters Pale Ale has a beautiful, sharp hoppiness, and their Yakima Glory is like drinking the nectar of the gods.  Like the Prima Pils, the Headwaters Pale Ale demands food.  But the sweet, grapefruit flavor imparted by the hops–blostered by a liberal amount of pale malt–makes it compatible with a wider variety of dishes.  I’d say one would easily enjoy this with hamburgers, pizza, chili, fried chicken, or a full flavored fish like salmon.  The brewers wished to show the excellence of the hops grown in the Yakima Valley of Washington with the Yakima Glory.  They succeeded on every level.  Somehow, they combined the sweet orange flavor contributed by the hops with a heavy dose of malt without overwhelming either or making them seem discordant. The brew also boasts a honey-like flavor, which contributes to the successful blending of these two opposites.  This beer can be enjoyed alone or with about any kind of rich fare.  It does not pair with light dishes, and does not seem to be concomitant with grilled dishes.

To tell you the truth, I almost enjoyed a seventh brew of theirs, the Helios, which my brother particularly enjoys.  However, the one he offered me had gone bad during the time he kept it, so I need to await my next opportunity.  This post is titled “Exploring the Brews of the Victory Brewing Company,” and I intend to purchase a six pack or 22 oz. bottle of theirs every week starting the week after next.  So, I hope you will be pleased to hear about the other beers of this famous brewery in the coming weeks.

Legens, scribe sententias tuas.

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