Hello world!

Seems a little too early to write a post, but here goes!  For anyone who’s stumbled upon this blog in this most incomplete state, they should know that this is going to be a rather egocentric blog.  It will concern those pastimes and subjects I most enjoy: anime, fine drinks, history, literature, classical antiquity, and religion.  Now you can see the reason behind this blog’s name.  If civilization suddenly reverted to the dark ages, anime would be the only pleasure of which I would most certainly be deprived.  (Of course, obtaining books to indulge in certain of those hobbies and finding fine drinks would be made more difficult through the disruption of trade, loss of modern publishing technology, and the diminution of the academic community, but let’s not quibble!)

I hope no one is put off by the fact that this blog will contain posts on religion, Catholicism usually. People of all faiths find me easy to get along with.  I try to avoid the extremes of being overbearing and nonchalance when it comes to religion.  It’s an incredibly important matter, but one should avoid driving people of other religions away.

If the other topics or my personality irritate you, then don’t read this blog, unless you want the pleasure of either complaining about or mocking me.  These two modes of speech are practically universal pastimes among the human race, and often afford great pleasure–especially if politicians are involved.

Dear readers, I hope that you enjoy this blog.


Legens, scribe sententias tuas.

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